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Savvy Stop Sign Ticket Solutions in Toronto

One of the more common traffic citations handed out by police officers are stop sign tickets in Toronto.

Plowing through a stop sign can add three demerit points to your driving record. You can be fined $85 and a conviction will be added to your driver’s license. Although these penalties might not seem so severe, they will significantly impact your driving record and insurance rates.

Most people will ignore a stop sign ticket, pay the fine and receive the points. But these consequences can be avoided.

To avoid these consequences, fight a stop sign ticket in Toronto by enlisting the services of an experienced lawyer or professional specializing in these types of cases.

Don’t let a stop sign ticket in Toronto ruin your driving record. Contact a top traffic ticket specialist for a free consultation.
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Stop Sign Tickets and the Law

The Ontario Traffic Act specifies that all drivers are required to stop at a stop sign; failing to do so will result in a ticket. A driver can also receive a similar ticket for failing to yield the right of way to the other vehicle that has arrived at the intersection first. Both of these traffic violations will result in the same fine in addition to the same amount of demerit points.
Any driver receiving a stop sign ticket in Toronto faces the possible penalties of:
  • 3 demerit points
  • A fine of $85
If convicted, this charge will remain on a driver’s record for three years from the offence date. You are also looking at possible auto insurance increases.

Toronto Traffic Ticket Lawyers Keep Driving Records Clean

Running a stop sign might seem like a minor traffic violation, but many people don’t realize just how valuable a clean driving record is. The premiums you pay for car insurance is based on many variables, but the single most important factor is your driving record.
Any stop sign ticket in Toronto will show up on your driving record and will be a red flag for your auto insurance company to raise their rates and charge you higher premiums.
A lawyer will help you take the right actions to prevent your ticketing officer in Toronto from filing a court date, to reviewing the disclosure from the ticketing Officer, all the way through to representing you in court.
Give your stop sign ticket in Toronto the attention it deserves by letting a lawyer take care of it for you.
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